Select your school/event below, PRINT, and follow form instructions.

Hard copy forms should be available before picture day at each school/event being photographed by Capital School Pictures. In the event you do not have a form, you may print from link below.

Unless noted otherwise, all school/events are PRE-PAY PLANS. Completed forms are given to the photographer at the time pictures are taken or mailed to Capital School Pictures several days before picture day.

LATE ORDERS/ORDERS PLACED AFTER PICTURE DAY/AFTER DEADLINE/REORDERS must be mailed directly to Capital School Pictures. Please follow instructions on form.

PAYMENT METHODS: Check, Cash, Money Order, *Debit/Credit *Visa, *MasterCard.

For your security, on-line payments are not available, however *Phone orders are accepted. *To keep event/school packages affordable, a $2.00 fee may be added to Debit/Credit card phone orders.